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HQS no longer develops web sites

Growing up with the Internet was incredible fun. There were constant challenges learning and applying new techniques. There were moments of heady excitement rushing to put up an e-commerce site on time with a team spread across New Mexico and our customer in Chicago, never meeting any of them in person.

Times change, though. Now it's time to concentrate on other kinds of work – mainly with Innovative Management Concepts, Inc. (IMC), a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business providing Information Technology services to the Federal government, and the Seattle Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (particularly the photo gallery).

Thank you for coming! You may want to browse through the features below that have proved popular over the years.

Effective web sites
  • Load quickly
  • Meet visitors' expectations
  • Look good with any browser
  • Stand out in search engine results

Do you need a database management system?

Probably, if you have seen these three signs of trouble in your database. Most databases kept as flat files, such as spreadsheets and word processor documents, are hard to maintain. Typically, 30% of the records in a large flat-file database contain at least one error. A well-constructed relational database links related items together and tests for inconsistent and out-of-range entries, managing your data as well as storing it.


If you build it, will they come?

Yes, if you invite them. You should include your Web address in all your advertising, of course. But for reaching new audiences, nothing compares to search engines. For every visitor who already knows who you are, they can send 20 more to meet you for the first time.

It is not an easy thing to describe your website to the search engines accurately and completely. Without some help, they are likely to place your pages so far down in the list of search results that no one will ever see them, or present a summary that gives no idea of what you are offering. You'll do better with professional Search Engine Optimization.

Links Now relax and enjoy the Web!

Before you send that URGENT WARNING!!! to ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!, check it out with Snopes. Hint: If it doesn't include a date and a source for further information, it is probably a hoax.
See also Truth or FictionFact CheckFact Index
Put your fears to rest with this meta-debunking of all hoax e-mails.

Computer viruses are real, even if chain-letter warnings about them are not. You can protect your system against nearly all viruses, Trojans, and intruders with eight simple precautions.

Surfing Safely on the World Wide Web requires that you know the danger zones. You are welcome to read these tips, though they cannot be guaranteed to protect you from all present and future risks.

Is a heliotrope some kind of flower?

  Website design
Database solutions
Search engine placement
HQS Web Sites
by Heliotrope Quality Systems, LLC